Black Bear, Big Horned Owl, Caribou Evict J. Crew from Boreal Forest at Corporate Office Environmental Protest


Culminating a national weekend of protests targeting the catalogs industry, on Monday, April 23, 2007 environmental activists from Wetlands Activism Collective staged a protest at the corporate office of J. Crew, , at 770 Broadway (at 9th St.) in Manhattan, demanding that the company stop destroying boreal forests for catalog paper. Activists dressed as boreal forest animals served a notice of eviction from Canada’s Boreal forest to a mock-chainsaw wielding activist dressed as J. Crew CEO Millard Drexler. The notice informed the company that they have 30 days to get out of Endangered Forests, increase recycled content, and reduce paper use.


Adorned in owl, bear, and caribou costumes, protesters cried in despair, "J. Crew is evicting us from our forest homes!", melodramatically "dying" on the sidewalk. Later on in the demonstration, as one activist in a bear costume staggered and "died" in the middle of the sidewalk, a police officer said that such actions would be "blocking the sidewalk."  After that, the bear suit wearing protester removed the costume nd to and laid sprawled it out in front of the demonstration, with a sign about J. Crew in front, and shouted, "J. Crew killed this poor bear!" The caribou cried, "My friend the bear is dead, thanks to J. Crew!  They destroyed our forest home!" .

Interested onlookers sign petitions, and activists educated many J. Crew employees about the company's destruction of ancient boreal forests..


Catalog retailers send out 20 billion catalogs a year, and almost none of the paper contains any recycled content. Instead, over 8 million tons of trees a year go into catalogs alone--which means 8 million tons of trees are going from forests to the landfill, with a short appearance as junk mail in between. This is causing the destruction of forests such as North America’s Boreal Forest, one of our first lines of defense against global warming.

The campaign to reform the catalog industry—led by environmental nonprofit ForestEthics in conjunction with local groups like Wetlands Activism Collective—works to protect Endangered Forests like the Boreal by changing the way the catalogers do business. ForestEthics worked with Dell and Williams-Sonoma to develop strong environmental initiatives, demonstrating that doing the right thing for the environment is good for business. And after a two-year campaign, and over 750 actions, ForestEthics announced an agreement with Victoria’s Secret in 2006, making the former environmental offender into an environmental leader. Together, the three companies have set a new environmental standard, and the rest of the catalog industry will have to meet or exceed those standards to stay competitive. 




1) Volunteer with Wetlands' Forest Defense campaign. Call (347) 293-2217 or email for details.


2) Check our calendar of events for upcoming meetings and protests at .


3) . Write to J. Crew CEO Millard Drexler and demand a shift in the company's paper policy. You can find a sample letter at



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