Write to J. Crew CEO Millard Drexler and demand that J. Crew commit to an ecologically responsible paper policy for its catalogs. You can use the sample letter below as a model in composing your letter.


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Mr. Millard Drexler

CEO and Chairman of the Board

J Crew
770 Broadway  
New York, NY 10003-9522


Dear Mr. Drexler


I am writing to express my concerns about the impacts your company is having on Endangered Forests with your production of catalogs. We are concerned about our forests, and our local and global communities. We urge you to end your company’s use of products made from the destruction of Endangered Forest and become an environmental leader in the catalog industry.


Every day Endangered Forests such as the Great North American Boreal are being destroyed and clear-cut at unsustainable rates to make disposable and wasteful paper products. The livelihoods and quality of life of many indigenous communities of Canada are being trampled on. As you may know, North America's Boreal Forest is one of the largest unspoiled forests remaining on earth. At 1.4 billion acres, it's larger than the Brazilian Amazon. Globally, the Boreal Forest constitutes the world's largest terrestrial storehouse of carbon, making it one of the Earth's most important defenses against global warming. It is home to rare species of wolves, wolverines, and endangered woodland caribou, and nearly fifty percent of all the bird species found in the United States spend at least part of their life in this region.


This is the kind of area that should be preserved for the future, and it presents us with one of the truly great conservation opportunities of our lifetime. As one of the largest catalog distributors in the country and a leader in the marketplace, your company should be taking the lead to help make this a reality.


We urge your company to develop and implement an environmentally responsible procurement policy that will:


·        End purchases from any company that is not identifying and halting logging in Endangered Forests like the Canadian Boreal;

·        Maximize post-consumer recycled content in catalogs and set goals to constantly increase;

·        Reduce the amount of paper they use.


We urge you, as CEO of one of the largest catalog companies in the world, to join us in protecting our fragile ecosystem by becoming an industry leader by using catalogs made with high levels of post-consumer recycled fiber.




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