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Dear Wetlands Supporter:

These are unquestionably grim times. Maybe that's why Grim Reapers keep showing up to our actions lately.

In April, Wetlands initiated a coalition that worked to turn Dow Chemical's latest attempt to green their image and cover up their global legacy of toxic pollution and birth defects, the Dow Live Earth Run for Water, into a PR disaster for the company. Runners were met by a pack of Reapers wearing Dow logos and orange scarves (to symbolize Dow's culpability in causing generations of birth defects in Vietnam with Agent Orange) who blockaded the finish line. The Reapers were joined by the young activists from Kids for a Better Future as well as activists working to address Dow's atrocities in Vietnam and Bhopal, India. A throng of Yes Men were on hand to (satirically) represent Dow's side of the story.

You can view photos and video of the action and learn more here.

But the Reapers weren't finished. In May they returned as representatives of the Pacific Rim Mining Company, a Canadian corporation which is currently suing El Salvador for hundreds of millions under the Central American Free Trade Agreement because the Central American nation is wisely refusing to let the company mine for gold using cyanide near the nation's largest river, source of 60% of its drinking water. While activists from Wetlands' Global Justice for Animals and the Environment project and our coalition partners from TradeJustice NY Metro and NY CISPES protested Pacific Rim at the Canadian consulate, Reapers representing Pacific Rim set up a promotional stand to gave passersby free samples of cyanide tainted bottled water to give them a taste of what water might be like in El Salvador if the project were allowed to continue.

Not surprisingly, those who drank the water soon keeled over and died. You can view footage and learn more about this action here.

Of course, the deaths were as fake as the cyanide in the water. But if companies like Pacific Rim aren't stopped, poisoned water will continue to be a reality for people and animals around the world. That's why I'm writing to you today to ask for your support to allow Wetlands Activism Collective to continue our actions hold corporations and governments accountable for their crimes against our planet and its inhabitants.

Through creative action we shed light on hidden crimes, building public pressure to curtail these abuses. From defending dolphins killed in the tuna trade to opposing the Canadian and Norwegian seal hunts to fighting the global expansion of factory farming, we fight to defend life over profit.

These actions come at a cost - while 100% of our labor is donated, we have to pay for supplies like fabric for costumes and art supplies. Reclyed paper and printing is also an ongoing expense, as is our internet and phone service and rent on our modest office in Bushwick, Brooklyn.

Over the years, our small crew of volunteers has focused our energy on action - often at the cost of devoting resources to fundraising. Unlike many groups, we don't have paid canvassers or bulk fundraising mailings or staff focused on writing grants. The result is that in our 21st year, we're presently several thousand dollars in debt. Now more than at any point in our history, your financial support is crucial for our survival.

Wetlands survives and thrives on its small but dedicated core of volunteers. We're asking you today to help us build a similarly dedicated core of donors by joining our Sustainers' program. As a Sustainer, you'll contribute $25/month to Wetlands. If you'd prefer, you can also make make a one-time contribution. We recommend contributions starting at $100, but are also very appreciative of smaller donations. Whether you choose to make a recurring or one-time donation, you can make you contribution here.

If you'd prefer to donate by mail, you can register for our sustainer's program and mail contributions to our office at Wetlands Activism Collective, 15 Thames Street, Brooklyn, NY 11206, or just mail one-time contributions directly to this address.

Wetlands is a project of Rainforest Relief, a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation, and contributions are fully tax deductible.

Thanks for your ongoing interest and support for efforts. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, feel free to contact me.

In Defense of Life Over Profit

Adam Weissman
Administrative Director
Wetlands Activism Collective

P.S. Watch this video from the recent protests against Canada's WTO challenge to the European Union's ban on seal products organized by Wetlands' Global Justice for Animals and the Environment project: After you've finished watching the video, be sure to visit our donation page to make a contribution to support our efforts!


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