What is Wetlands Activism Collective

What is Wetlands Activism Collective?

Founded in 1989, Wetlands Activism Collective is a volunteer-run, New York City-based advocacy organization. 
Recognizing the common roots of all forms of oppression, Wetlands Activism Collective fights for human, earth, and animal liberation through protest, direct action, street theater, political advocacy, and public education and isalways seeking committed, responsible, individuals to assist in organizing exciting projects year round. Responsibilities vary widely, depending on interns' experience, interests, time commitment, and the needs of the program at the time. These positions are excellent opportunities to learn about a wide range of environmental, animal rights, and social justice issues.


Internship Categories


Interns are given the opportunity to select the area of focus that is most appealing to their interests from a range of choices (listed below).


Internships and volunteer opportunities fall into three categories:


General – General interns take on short-term tasks on a wide variety of projects on an as-needed basis.  Those who can only make a limited or sporadic time commitment, or who want to tip their toes into a wide variety of projects prefer general internships.


Task-Based – Task-based internships focus on a specific task area as it relates to a wide variety of organizational programs and administrative functions —working with media, fundraising, computer maintenance, documentation of events, etc.


Program-Based – Program-based performing a wide variety of tasks necessary for one specific project or campaign.


Interning, Volunteering, and Collective Membership


Internship are ideally  suited for people interested in making a short or mid-term commitment to devote substantial amounts of time to the organization on a weekly basis. Interns are mentored by experienced Wetlands volunteers and often view internship opportunities as an opportunity to learn or practice a variety of skills and information   Many, though not all, interns are current or recent students, and some students complete internships as part of an academic requirement.


In contrast to interns, volunteers generally participate in our organization for an indeterminate length of time.  Some choose to participate in specific projects, while others involve themselves in all aspects of the organizations work.  Some volunteers go on to make a long-term investment in the overall management and in shaping the direction of our organization, as members of our collective.

Long term volunteers may go on to provide guidance and support to new interns and volunteers.


Volunteer time commitments vary widely, with some volunteers only able to volunteer several hours per week or on an occasional basis, while others regularly commit many hours.


Some volunteers join our organization with extensive experience in their chosen area of volunteer work, and thus do not expect or require the same level of mentorship as interns.  People who have already completed internships with other organizations and may be employed will sometimes not be interested in applying for another internship, but may be enthusiastic to find a volunteer opportunity.


Though all positions below are described as internships, these positions are also open to volunteers.


Location: Wetlands new office is located at 15 Thames Street at the corner of Morton Street in East Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York City.  However, most meetings are held at various locations in Manhattan.  Externships are also available for people outside of New York City or who are unable to commute to our office.


Academic Credit: Can be arranged in conjunction with school internship programs at the high school, college, and post-graduate levels. We will fulfill any requirements of a formal internship (such as training in particular skills or issues and administrative details like attendance sheets evaluation forms and recommendations).


Salary: Unfortunately, we are unable to pay interns, but many have gone on to find salaried positions in the environmental movement subsequent to their internship with organizations including Rainforest Action Network, Friends of Animals, Greenpeace, The Ruckus Society, The New York Civil Liberties Union, The Allegheny Defense Project, The High School for Environmental Studies, The Alliance for Democracy, ForestEthics, Western Rivers Conservancy, The Rainforest Alliance, Rainforest Foundation-US, Defenders of Wildlife, Women's Law Project, Connecticut Audubon Society, and In Defense of Animals. Additionally, the very flexible hours of Wetlands internships, finding an ethical part- time job is not difficult (e.g. walking dogs, waiting tables at a vegan restaurant). Paying activist positions at other organizations are often posted in our office for people looking for paying work during or subsequent to their internships


Training: Wetlands interns work with the experienced volunteers of an organization that has been on the forefront of activism in New York City for over eighteen years. As part of the program, intern will gain extensive knowledge of relevant issues and experience in implementing activist strategies.


Hours: Highly flexible.  Interns set their own schedules and are expected to work with mentors to make time-appropriate project commitments.   No minimum number of hours is required for general internships. For other positions, we suggest a minimum commitment of 10 hours per week.    Many interns work 40 hours per week, but this is not required.  Some intern positions can be split between several people during a given time period, in order to complete all the work required for the position and at the same time accommodate interns' time limitations.


Length of Internship:  Interns may start or end internships at any time.

For More Information: Call Adam Weissman, our internship program coordinator, at (718) 690-2755 or email internships@wetlands-preserve.org.



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What is
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