Indigenous Rights Campaigns

The genocide of indigenous people that has characterized Western coloniaism and imperialism hs not ended. Around the world, indigenous people are engaged in desperate struggle to defend the their culture, theirenvironment, and their lives. Indenous people face forced relocation, massive pollution, and outright murder at the hands of multinational corporations and neoliberal governments.

Wetlands has been actively worked in solidarity with indgenous peopke's struggle for many years.

Among other projects, we have:

  • supported the Dineh (Navajo) in their fight against forced relocation.

  • supported the Ijaw and Ogoni of Nigeria in their struggle for surviv al against mutli-national oil conglomerates and the Nigerian military dictatorship.

  • supported indgenous groups in the Burmese rainforest like the Karen, who are thereated by yhe constrution of a natiural gas pipeline on their ancestral lands.

  • we have organzied public events to publicize the case of Native American political prisoner Leonard Peltier.

  • worked to break the sinece around the genocide of the U'wa of Colombia.

  • demanded reparations and clean-up of the ecological disaster left in the rainforest homeland of Ecuador's indigenous people by Texaco.

  • challenged Con Ed-supported hydro-electricity projects in Quebec that threatened the homeland of the Cree people.

  • opposed the destruction of the British Colombian forest home of First nation peoples like the Nuxalk.

  • co-sponsored Environmental Justice Now!, a recent conference with a major focus on indigenous environmental justice issues.

Indigenous Rights Campaigns:

U'wa Campaign

Burma Campaign



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