Stop the Murder of Baby Seals!

Facts about the Norwegian Seal Hunt In 1996 Norwegian seal hunters killed 27,000 seals. In 1997 that number was up to 38,000 seals. Many of these seals killed are less than a year old. In 1997 25,000 of the 38,000 seals that were killed were less that a year old. The seals are killed by two methods, clubbing or shooting. Many of the seals have their skulls partially crushed from the clubbing process.

In 1995 Norway justified a large-scale kill of young seals by calling it research. The test was to see which method of killing produced the fastest results, shooting or clubbing. The Asian countries are the biggest consumers of seal products. Seal skin cannot be sold in the United States. China, Korea and Japan purchase the seal skins to make fur coats. They also use the penis as an aphrodisiac.

The Norwegian government blames the seals for low fish stocks. Yet, massive over-fishing has caused this problem. Blaming seals and not addressing the over-fishing, will not solve the problem. Independent research has shown that humans are responsible for the lowered fish stocks.

The seals are being killed in large numbers just to make frivolous luxury products like fur coats and questionable aphrodisiacs".

A Bloody Shame

"Collecting seal fur by brushing, as demonstrated here by Captain Paul Watson of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, is a humane economic alternative to seal clubbing."

Each yeah Norwegian hunters slaughter 35,000 seals, most of which are not even a year old. Hunters claim that the seals are eating too many fish. Yet scientists contest that point. The fact is that any lack of fish in the sea comes from over-fishing by massive trawlers. As a result, they get their skulls crushed by club wielding hunters.

Activists are demanding that Norway, Canada, and the handful of other sealing countries, get in step with the rest of civilization and ban the seal slaughter.

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