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General Wetlands Email Lists

Wetlands-Activism: Action updates and news from Wetlands Activism Collective

Wetlands-Minutes: Minutes from the weekly general meetings of the Wetlands Activism Collective

Wetlands-Internal: Internal discussion list for Wetlands Activism Collective members, interns, and volunteers (subscribers must be approved)

Global Justice for Animals and the Environment Email Lists

GJAE-Announce: News and announcements list of Global Justice for Animals and the Environment (GJAE), a project working against anti-animal, anti-environmental free trade agreements.

GJAE-Internal: internal planning list for organizers of Global Justice for Animals and the Environment. (subscribers must be approved)

TradeJustice NY Metro Email Lists

FTAA-Referendum: News and announcements from TradeJustice NY Metro, a coalition working against pro-corporate, anti-public interest free trade agreements

TradeRefPlan: Planning and Discussion List for NYC People's Referendum on Free Trade Organizers (subscribers must be approved)

Other Animal Rights Email Lists

FurFreeNYC: Anti-Fur Activism in New York City

Ducksave: ban the force feeding of ducks for foie gras!

FGNews: Foie Gras News for Animal Rights Campaigners


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