is a project of the Activism Center at Wetlands Preserve that reflects our commitment to creating models of living that allow us to limit the control that corporations and money have over our lives, reduce our financial support for the destructive practices of mass producers, and act as a living challenge to waste and over-consumption on a daily basis. We are committed to looking at problems in ways that transcend the boundaries of traditionally defined single issues (eg: animal rights, human rights, environmentalism). Instead, we challenge the commodification of life on all fronts and work to create a world where kinship with all living beings, respect for the earth and just, peaceful, and equitable relations between human beings replace the all-consuming drive for profit. focused on uncovering the massive waste generated by our mass-production consumer culture. We lead tour groups of interested individuals and media representatives to retail establishments and go through their trash (a practice commonly referred to as "dumpster diving"), revealing massive quantities of useable goods. We do this to shed light on an economic system and culture that views value in nothing but profit, a system that encouraged retailers to fill landfills with high quality food, clothing, and other items, while hundreds of millions go unfed and unclothed, a system that will despoil wilderness, slaughter animals, exploit workers, displace indigenous communities, and pollute cities in the production of consumer goods-- and then discard those goods because of surplus.

We seek to promote freeganism, an alternative lifestyle based on minimizing personal consumption and economic support for unjust production practices while increasing personal freedom through simpler living by recovering and using wasted goods instead of purchasing new ones. At the same time, through our mass media outreach, we intend to raise consciousness within the cultural mainstream about the reality and destructive impacts of waste and overconsumption.

Through the website we offer a global resource on both the philosophical and practical aspects of freeganism, including directories of abundant dumpsters, tips on effective trash picking, explorations of the role of waste, work, marketing, and the power of corporations in our society, and many other issues.

Recently, has generated an enormous flood of media attention. You can view some of the articles that have been written recently below. Be sure to also visit!

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