Wetlands Radical Book Collection Joins Vito Marcantonio Library

Wanna Borrow a Radical Book?

Wetlands Activism Collective has put our collection of hundreds of books on social justice, environmental, and animal rights issues on long-term loan to the Vito Marcantonio Library in Hackensack, New Jersey. The Library is a project of the North Jersey Independent Alliance, North Jersey Independent Alliance. Call (201) 487-3748 if you'd like make an appointment to visit the Library to borrow books or to donate materials.

According to the North Jersey Independent Alliance, "the library ...is named in memory of American Labor Party Representative to Congress Vito Marcantonio (1902-1954). Vito Marcantonio served the people of East Harlem, New York City in the 1930ís and 1940ís. He was one of the foremost voices for progressive policy and politics of that time. The library is dedicated to furthering the ideals which Vito Marcantonio championed: equality, peace, democracy, freedom, solidarity and even a cleaner healthier environment. It serves as a lending library to progressively minded and leftist people residing in New Jersey and the New York Metropolitan area."

To contact the library, please call or write the following address:

Vito Marcantonio Library
c/o North Jersey Independent Alliance
Post Office Box 86
Hackensack, New Jersey 07602
201-487-3748, 201-883-1531 (FAX)


Phone: (718) 218-4523
Fax: (501) 633-3476
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info @ wetlands-preserve.org

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