Wetlands Activism Collective is a volunteer-run activist collective. We don't have a president or board of directors or executive director. All of our volunteers are welcome to participate in weekly in-person meetings where we make decisions on the long-term direction and short-term activities of our group. Everyone has an equal voice at these meetings, and all decision are made using consensus process, rather than by majority voting. Who we are as an organization thus evolves over time with the people who are a part of it. While decisions are made collectively, individual collective members decide which projects and activities they will devote their time to. Some choose to take responsibility for the overall management and administration of the organization, while others focus specifically on individual projects, like Freegan.info, or represent us in coalitions that bring together multiple social change groups, like the NYC People's Referendum on Free Trade. Some of these projects and coalitions have their own meetings in addition to our collective meetings. Others specialize in a particular form of volunteer activity, like computer tech support. We even have long-distance volunteers who handle things like dataentry and website content creation and editing. While all volunteers are encouraged to attend collective meetings, many can't for schedule or distance reasons, so it's not a requirement.

Learn more about collectives: http://www.anarco-nyc.net/organizers/organizers1.html
Learn more about consensus decisionmaking: http://www.ic.org/pnp/ocac/

Here's how to become a Wetlands volunteer:

1) View a list of available volunteer positions here.

2) Fill out our volunteer application here.

3) Schedule a date and time to interview for a volunteer position here.


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