Environmental Justice Activists Unite to Protest Dow Live Earth Run for Water

On Sunday, April 18, activists from The Brooklyn Greens; The Center for Health, Environment & Justice; International Campaign for Justice in Bhopal; New York Whale & Dolphin Action League; Vietnam Agent Orange Relief & Responsibility Campaign, Wetlands Activism Collective/Global Justice for Animals & the Environment, and The Yes Men united to expose the Dow Live Earth Run for Water as a greenwash sham, intended to cover up Dow's global record of toxic water pollution. The action was the culmination of the Dow Dead Earth Days of Action, which also included a series of educational events includng a lecture, a forum, a panel discussion, and a film screening. While the Dow event was an utter flop, the protest was a great success!

Read the Post-Action News Release.

Read the Yes Men's Post-Action News Release.

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Watch films on Dow's Global Atrocities and Anti-Dow Activism

View the complete schedule of events for the Dow Dead Earth Days of Action in online Calendar or downloadable flyer form.


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