Wetlands Victoria's Secret Action Timeline:

Nov 8, 2004: Angels Across American Premiere Cancelled as Protests Expose Victoria's Dirty Secret at Herald Square Store. Click here for the full story and photos from this action

February 12, 2005: Valentine for Victoria's Secret action at Herald Square Store with ForestEthics and protesters with chainsaws and angel wings. Click here to see photos from this action!

November 3, 2005: Boreal Day of Action Victoria's Secret Protest with ForestEthics, Reverend Billy, Antlers and Kazoos at Herald Square

April 11, 2006: Protest at Herald Square Victoria's Secret for National Day of Action with BarnardEarth and Columbia University's Students for Environmental and Economic Justice

May 22, 2006: Evening Protest at Herald Square Victoria's Secret

June 28, 2006: In-Store Disruptions, Balloon Banner, and Victoria, The Bra and Panties Monster. Click here for the full story, videos. and photos from this action!

October 23, 2006: Activists Chain Necks to Doors of Victoria's Secret at 85th and Broadway. Click here for the full story, video, photos, and media coverage of the action

December 8, 2006: Victoria's Secret declares new paper policy; ForestEthics declares victory!


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