Statements By Redwood Mary & Julia Butterfly Hill
To The Press and The Fisher Family and CEO of Mendocino Redwood Company:

The Fisher family has clearly used their profits to purchase and set up a logging company that has proven not to practice sustainable logging. Their logging plans on public record show that they are out to further degrade already over cut forest lands-further pushing the Coho Salmon to extinction.

The Fisher Family needs to be convinced that their contributing to the irreversible ecological breakdown of forest ecosystems is not acceptable. The Fisher Family has the power to stop the damage being done and the financial means to invest in forest restoration.

There is a connection between their exploitation of labor and exploitation of eco-systems--and we the consumer who fuel their profits and wealth need to tell The Fisher Family that we do not support human rights labor violations, the spraying of poisonous herbicides, or further destruction of the last redwood forest eco-systems on this planet. This is irresponsible and a crime against humanity.

It is a shame that the Fisher Family and their corporation have the potential and power to do such good yet instead choose to cause such harm. Do not believe what they are saying about being good stewards of the natural and worker environment. Actions speak louder than words, and they are logging in areas already in critical condition and selling clothes made by workers who are forced to work in horrible conditions for very little money. We are all responsible for protecting and respecting each other and our shared environment, so we are calling upon consumers to take their money back from this family until they begin treating people and the environment with a true respect all life deserves.

The message today to the Fisher Family is:

Please look into your hearts and take actions to protect life and invest in the long term restoration of our last redwood forests ecosytems...please look into your hearts and immediately make human & labor rights the priority-- not profits. Everything we do has impact. You have an opportunity to become a corporate model for the world-a corporation that truly takes a stand for life, a stand against suffering-- and not a corporate empire that just talks about it .

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