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In July of 1998 The Fisher Family, owners The GAP, Inc., including The Gap, Banana Republic, and Old Navy, purchased ALL of Louisiana-Pacific Corporation's timber lands in Mendocino County, some 220,000 acres. These include the absolute LAST of the ancient redwood trees not in State Parks. They are logging these trees through such destructive practices as clearcutting, herbicides and overcutting timber lands of rare fisheries and extreme steep slopes creating unmanageable mudslides and deadly siltation in salmon streams.

For years, Wetlands has protested Gap, Inc stores, both for their owners' involvement in environmental destruction and for the company's use of sweatshop labor. Along the way, we have forged strong alliances with sweatshop campaigners at groups like the Global Sweatshop Coalition, the Student Committee Against Labor Exploitation, Bergen Action Network, United Students Against Sweatshops, the Union of Needle and Industrial Textile Employees (UNITE), and many others.

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