Global Justice for Animals

Wetlands Activism Collective has launched Global Justice for Animals, a project that will provide an uncompromising voice for animals in the fight against pro-corporate free trade agreements and related neoliberal economic policies that compromise the interests of workers, small farmers, women, students, the environment, indigenous communities, users of public services and utilities—and nonhuman animals.

Nationally and locally, we work to build alliances between animal advocates and other sectors of the global justice movement—more commonly referred to as the “anti-globalization movement.”

Our research team provides animal advocacy groups, members of Congress, and the broader global justice movement with in-depth analyses of the threat to animals posed by proposed trade agreements.

As advocates, we mobilize local, national, and international animal advocacy groups to pressure elected officials to oppose anti-animal free trade agreements—and to hold them accountable when they vote against animals. To provide activists with the tools they need for effective grassroots lobbying efforts on free trade agreements, we develop resource kits for animal advocacy groups

To demonstrate that responsible animal advocacy organizations stand united against animal-deadly trade agreements, we draft “sign-on letters”, circulate them to animal advocacy organizations to endorse, and fax them to every member of Congress. In 2005, we sent a letter to Congress in opposition to the Dominican Republic-Central America Free Trade Agreement—with the endorsement of 103 animal advocacy organizations.

Working with the media, we inform the public that pro-corporate trade agreements endanger animals, and that people who care about animals must demand that their legislators oppose them.

Global Justice for Animals is a 100% volunteer-run project. With a background in animal advocacy, anti-globalization activism, and political action, we have the contacts, the experience, and the knowledge to give animals a fighting chance in the battle for global justice.

But we need your help!

To learn what you can do in your community, click here.

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