Wetlands Activism Collective seeks committed, responsible, individuals to assist in organizing exciting projects year round. Responsibilities vary widely, depending on interns' experience, interests, time commitment, and the needs of the program at the time. These positions are excellent opportunities to acquire practical skills and learn about a wide range of environmental, animal rights, and social justice issues.

Here's how to become a Wetlands intern:

1) Read our Internship Basic Information page.

2) Learn more by reading Wetlands Internship Frequently Asked Questions.

3) View a list of available intern positions here.

4) Fill out our intern application here.

5) Schedule a date and time to interview for a volunteer position here.

If you live outside New York City but plan to stay in the New York area during your internship, you may find our NYC Visitor Information page helpful.

Wetlands has often collaborated with Rainforest Relief, a highly effective organization working to stop the consumption of tropical rainforests. Rainforest Relief also offers internships. You can learn more about Rainforest Relief internships here.


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