Animal Organizations:

Animal Organizations:

Help Stop the Oman Free Trade Agreement from Trading Away Animalsí Lives:


Congress will be voting on the Oman Free Trade Agreement as soon as Wednesday of this week!!! Animal organizations can help stop this anti-animal agreement:


What you can do:


Learn more about OFTA.

Read a detailed report on how OFTA will affect animals at You can also learn about how OFTA will impact farmed animals at (We are downplaying the impact on farmed animals so that we donít end up encouraging pro-agribusiness legislators to vote FOR OFTA. You can use the farmed animals arguments with legislators who have a history of voting in support of farmed animal welfare.


Add your organization to the sign-on letter to Congress against OFTA.

The letter will be faxed to every member of Congress. You can view the text of the letter at

To have your organization added to the letter, email with your organizationís name and address. Or call Adam at (201) 928-2831.


Mobilize your members against OFTA.

Email your members the action alert at

You can also call them and encourage them to call their reps in Congress. Here is a sample call script you can use to contact your members


Alert the Media

Contact the media to let them know that you are taking a stand against the Oman Free Trade Agreement. Send a press release to let media know that you are signing on the letter to Congress against OFTA. You can find a sample press release at Also consider organizing a press conference and/or leafletting in front of your legislatorís district officeóor at the Capitol if you are a DC-based organization (please contact us if you intend to do this).


Contact Legislators

Please call, fax, and email legislators in your area (or nationwide if you are a national or international group) on behalf of your organization, tell them your organization opposes OFTA and wants them to vote against it. If possible, tell them how many members and supporters your organization has in their district. Ask for a reply in writing explaining the Repís position on OFTA. Contact us if youíd like to know which legislators to prioritize.


Keep in Touch

Please let us know about any actions you take on this issue. Call Adam at (201) 928-2831 or email







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